reliable tape units

Rowdy david at
Thu Feb 5 14:42:46 PST 2004

David Bear wrote:

> I wanted to ask this group what their experience was regarding tape
> units, what your experience has been regarding reliability and
> longevity. I am faced with replacing an AIT tape unit thats just over 3
> years old. Its based on a sony sdx-300 series. Its had minimal use.
> I am really surprised its only last 3 years... but then, I don't know
> what to expect.

I have an HP DDS-2 DAT drive that was "refurbished", used in an HP 
server here at work for a year or so (backups done once per week), and 
then retired.  I snapped up the drive, and I now am doing backups with 
that drive using Bacula under FreeBSD 5.1 at home on a daily basis with 
no problems at all.  The tapes are also a year or two old, but have not 
experienced any errors.

So the drive is at least 3 or 4 years old, and the tapes are a couple of 
years old, all works fine :)


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