Mounting smbfs

WebTent Support support at
Thu Dec 30 08:09:40 PST 2004

Familiar with Webmin way of mounting smbfs type file systems on our
Linux boxes, I tried it with one of the FreeBSD 5.3 machines. It works
fine, but when rebooted, it sits waiting for a password. After
investigating a bit on the web I found that FreeBSD is uses the
/etc/nsmb.conf file for configuration and in that file I find
information evidently setup by Webmin, for example:


First, was this properly setup by Webmin? From the comments in the file,
it looks good. Since I am at a remote location, I had someone locally
just hit Ctrl+C during boot to get back in and look at these things. I
go to Webmin and click to mount, but then it wipes out all the mount
points except the one I clicked and does not mount that one. From
looking around the web, I realize Webmin may not be the best way to
manage this, I found this document:

I am looking for something that can guide me on how to make the entries
in my fstab file. I assume what I have now below is incorrect as the
boot up fails as previously mentioned.

//backupexec at spc2k/backup  /home/backup/Veritas/SPC2K  smbfs  rw  0  0

Can someone help or guide me to some more documentation on this?


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