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Chris racerx at
Mon Dec 27 19:21:31 PST 2004

Nikolas Britton wrote:
> Broder Mizzérable wrote:
>> Hello there.. i'm switching to FreeBSD ' now '... i did try to use the 
>> floppy installation way. but it seems like all my floppy's are 50kb to 
>> small =/ ... so i was wondering .. is it possible to use a CD ' That 
>> does already has stuffs on it but still boot it and download FTP wise 
>> .. as you would do as on the floppy installation ... i do ask this cuz 
>> i dont have any free CD's atm ..
> I'm not quite following what you mean? You tried the standard tools to 
> make the floppy's, like rawrite and dd? AND you did format these disk 
> before hand to check that they didn't have bad sectors?.... I have a big 
> box of floppy's that have been siting in the closet and every time I 
> need one I have to go through 20 or so bad ones that have bad sectors or 
> invalid media to find the one perfect one. floppy diskettes are junk 
> thats why we stopped using them.

I agree with Nikolas to a point. Before the advent of burning your own 
CD's floppies did just fine. It's all in how they are taken care of. 
Addressing the Hello, we're starting to see the wave of users that don't 
have the conceptual ideas of how the floppy was used, and possibly how 
CD's are used.

*Sigh* Gone are the days when users had the ground up ideas and 
experience (that are deemed as practical). Good thing the new wave of 
users are not asked to configure a boot disk that requires the need of 
better then 600 k of conventional memory.

But in answer - No, you can't use a pre-closed CD.

Best regards,

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