bg flag for local file-systems

Andrew P. infofarmer at
Sun Dec 26 18:23:20 PST 2004


I'm sorry if this sounds dumb, but I'm looking for a kind of bg flag 
(from mount_nfs) for my local file-systems. The problem is that I 
frequently pull hard drives out of my headless file-server, but forget 
to edit fstab _before_ it. So the system won't boot until I connect a 
monitor, a keyboard and sort the mess out from the single-user mode.

I currently use noauto flag in fstab for the file-systems, but that 
makes me mount them manually every time I reboot. Is there any magic I 
can do with fstab to solve my problem, or will I have to write a script?

Best wishes,
Andrew P.

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