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Andrew P. infofarmer at
Sun Dec 26 05:09:09 PST 2004

Nikolas Britton wrote:
> Andrew P. wrote:
>> Popularity is a big deal. I could never understand why this 
>> organization (not community) was not aiming at getting more users and 
>> supporters. I mean, this is the best OS I've ever seen. And while I 
>> don't even remember how or when I first heard about it, I'm sure there 
>> are thousands out there, who'd be glad to become FreeBSD fans, but 
>> they just don't know anything about it. Just put a few nice pictures 
>> and screenshots on the website, and people will get attracted.
>> Same thing with money. I don't want to order your CD's, cuz they can 
>> get lost on their way, and if they don't, I won't be expecting them 
>> until 50 days pass (that's how long I'd waited for The Complete 
>> FreeBSD until it came). I just want to pay, say, $10 a month with a 
>> Visa card. Not much, but I'm not alone. Look at Firefox - a much 
>> smaller project can raise $100k in a week. Can't we?
> Thanks for valadating all the points I (and others) made in the 
> "FreeBSD's Visual Identity: Outdated?" thread, now if only we could get 
> core and the communty at large to recognise that it's a problem and 
> needs to be addressed.

Sure, I know I'm not the only one frustrated with the amount of 
publicity FreeBSD gets. But it's very understandable that so many users 
find it much more interesting to sort out their own problems. And of 
course it's nobody's fault. However, I'd say organization like FreeBSD 
Foundation should be assigned to this, not the community at large, nor 
the FreeBSD Community as a legal entity.

Best wishes,
Andrew P.

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