Freebsd non-profit stat OT

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Sat Dec 25 07:44:15 PST 2004

Mark wrote:

>I was looking at the bsd site and noticed the Quarterly Report was out, and in this report
>it states we are in danger of losing the non-profit status. Please read this report.
Yes, I saw that yesterday, they need to rise $30,400, the max for any 
single person or entity is $8000 to meet the required 1/3rd rule. My 
only question is why they waited till now to raise 30 grand, someone 
dropped the ball on this one. Sent them your money and do it fast (umm 
like today) as the deadline is 6 day's away:

The FreeBSD Foundation accepts donations via check:

       The FreeBSD Foundation
       7321 Brockway Dr.
       Boulder, CO 80303

  or PayPal:

  Checks must be postmarked by December 31st. to count toward the
  advanced ruling period.

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