ifconfig for WLAN using WEP

Paul Schmehl pauls at utdallas.edu
Fri Dec 24 14:22:15 PST 2004

--On Thursday, December 23, 2004 3:49 AM -0600 Scott Bennett 
<bennett at cs.niu.edu> wrote:
>      As it turns out, this was the right question to ask, for which I
> thank Paul.
Glad I was able to help.
> I interpret the above as meaning that the "Broadband" interface is the
> dial-up interface, the "Local Area" interface is the real Ethernet
> interface (not connected physically), the 1394 interface is the infrared
> port as Ethernet- over-FireWire (fwe0), and the Dell 1450 card is indeed
> the wireless interface.      Looking through the boot messages from
> FreeBSD 5.2.1, I don't see anything that looks like the Dell wireless
> card being detected.  I've looked through all the man pages for the
> various interface types and haven't seen anything that looks appropriate.
> If anyone reading this can suggest what to do next, please do.
What happens when you type "% ifconfig wi0 up" and then type "% ifconfig"? 
Do you see the interface?

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