The FreeBSD Foundation

Jay Moore jaymo at
Fri Dec 24 00:05:18 PST 2004

On Friday 24 December 2004 01:07 am, Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> > >   Now, as for the Foundation's status as a charity:
> > >
> > > I'll start with asking you a simple question:  Setting aside the
> > > legal definitions, what in your mind IS a charity, exactly?
> >
> > Hey look - I don't need a lecture about charity, and I'm not
> > disputing that
> > the foundation is "legally" classified as a charity.
> I never said that you were disputing the legal definition.  But
> clearly you are disputing the idea that it is a charity. 

Yes, I am disputing that. It is not a charity except in the tax avoidance 
sense of the word. You are attempting to twist the words and their meaning to 
support your agenda. Under your selective interpretation of the definition, 
one could claim virtually anything as "a gift for public benevolent 
purposes". It's bullshit, Ted, and you may deny it here in this forum, but 
you know it is. 

> > In my mind, I would
> > consider it more like a not-for-profit organization; charities are
> > organizations that help the needy - people who can't help themselves.
> Well, that is why I made the Robin Hood remark.  I will point out
> that the FreeBSD Foundation in fact uses the actual term "public charity"
> on their website.  And certainly the
> Foundation doesen't attempt to pass itself off as using the money
> to help the poor.  I am aware that many people don't view a
> charity as anything more than a needy-person-helping apparatus.
> However I urge you to examine your view of the idea of 'need'  There
> are many people out there also who feel that much of the 'need'
> served by charities isn't really need it is choice.  Many people
> are incensed that some charities feed alcoholic bums that spend
> their nights sleeping in the streets.  Many would weigh the 'need'
> of FreeBSD to have a good Java implementation against the 'need'
> of an alcoholic to continue to be fed day after day without quitting
> drinking, and feel that the FreeBSD need was greater.

alcoholic bums?!  Is this another example of your interpretation of charity?  
Are you really asking anyone to accept you as an authority on what charity 
means when you refer to alcoholics as bums? 

In case you forgot to read the _entire_ definition of charity, Ted, try # 4:
"4 : lenient judgment of others". Frankly, I find your arrogance annoying.

I'll say it again: I support FreeBSD through CD purchases, and would consider 
an outright cash donation. I think the project is a "good thing", and I also 
think it serves the public good. But it's not a charity, and neither is the 
Foundation that supports the project. I don't think you're a good spokesman 
for the project or the Foundation, and I wish you'd drop this thread now.


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