portupgrade vs. portmanager

Jay O'Brien jayobrien at att.net
Thu Dec 23 22:02:24 PST 2004

I'm running 5.3 RELEASE and trying to learn. I did a ports cvsup. 
Following the Dru Lavigne article on portupgrade at 
I installed portupgrade and then ran portsdb -Uu. It errored out, 
telling me that I shouldn't use my "refuse" file that stopped the non-
english docs and ports from being loaded on my HD.

In trying to understand this issue, I found portmanager, and it looks 
like it would perform the same function as portupgrade. 

My questions: Is there a way around the "refuse" file prohibition, 
perhaps with portmanager? Does portmanager replace portupgrade? 

Jay O'Brien
Rio Linda, California, USA

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