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> On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 09:54:15 -0700,
> yitzchak.lander at us.army.mil
> <yitzchak.lander at us.army.mil> wrote:
> > 
> >   hello,
> > 
> >   i am using the 5.0 dist, and i cant get it to
> read my pcmcia ethernet
> >   card. it is rather old card with a cat-5
> connector on it for plugging
> >   into my router. it is called ositech trumpcard
> and it is the jack of
> >   dimonds model  the card works because i tried it
> on the same computer
> >   before loading freebsd and i could surf the net
> with it. is there a
> >   driver avaliable for this card or should i go
> get a wirless one? (i
> >   cant find any cabled ones) if i need to get a
> wireless one, what brand
> >   do you recomend? i do have a wirless g router
> here.
> I don't know much about wireless technology or
> setting it up
> on FreeBSD, however, you're likely to be asked "Why
> 5.0?  
> It is no longer supported, and is quite old.  Have
> you got
> specific reasons for not going with 5.3, which is
> the production
> release?"  So I'll just get that out of the way....
> ;)

As was well said above, I also know little about
wireless.  And I certainly have little clue regarding
your ositech card.  I'm somewhat of a newbie.

That being said, if you intend on purchasing a
wireless card... you may wish to go for a certain
manufacturer.  I have been sucessful with NetGear's
WG511v1 which uses the "Intersil" chipset (note 32bit
cardbus... "newer" notebook required).  

"Project Evil" did not work at all with a Linksys
WMP54GS (PCI) which was using the Broadcom chipset.

If it helps, I experienced this angst in the following


While Eric's suggestions helped little with the
broadcom chipset, it was great once I actually got a
supported card.  BTW, I would only recommend that you
try this with FreeBSD 5.3.  Good luck with any other!

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