portmanager fails installing apache

Noah admin2 at enabled.com
Wed Dec 22 12:38:40 PST 2004


well I am not able to find a specific mail list for portmanager support.
anybody got clues why portmanager is having difficulies here and a nice cure
would be helpful?

--- snip ---

pkg_create: can't find package 'apache-1.3.33_1' installed!
cd /usr/ports/www/apache13; make deinstall 
===>  Deinstalling for www/apache13
===>   apache not installed, skipping
cd /usr/ports/www/apache13; make reinstall 
===>  Installing for apache-1.3.33_1

===>  apache-1.3.33_1 conflicts with installed package(s): 

      They install files into the same place.
      Please remove them first with pkg_delete(1).
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/www/apache13.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/www/apache13.
pmupgrade 0.2.0_3 error: make reinstall returned an error, cannot continue
# pkg_info | grep apache
apache+mod_ssl-1.3.33+2.8.22 The Apache 1.3 webserver with SSL/TLS functionality

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