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Wed Dec 22 10:30:23 PST 2004

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:00:32 -0600, Bagus <bagus at> wrote:
> > > >ping
> > > ping: cannot resolve Host name lookup failure.
> > Hostname lookup failure sounds like a dns problem to me.
> > Is there anything in /etc/resolv.conf ?
> No, there is not even a /etc/resolve.conf. What should go in there?
> >How is fxp0 assigned an  IP?  DHCP?
> I think so. That's the way it should be.
> > If so, do you have a line like the following in /etc/rc.conf:
> > ifconfig_fxp0="DHCP"
> That line was not in there. I added it and rebooted. The boot process now
> started the dhcp client, but still no actual ip address is reported in the
> ifconfig.
> >
> > How did you setup the Linksys?  Default (out-of-the-box) settings?
> plugged it in, plugged cable modem into uplink, plugged this pc into one
> outlet, the freebsd box into another. PC works fine. Lights indicate
> connectivity to bsd box.
> > Is the DHCP server turned on at the router?  What does the status
> > page of the router settings show?
> >
> That's supposed to be, isn't it? I can't access that even
> from my pc. Any advice there would be helpful. BTW, I'm using Cox as a 
> ISP.

You can set fxp0 to use a static IP until you get the router working.
# ifconfig fxp0 inet netmask
# route add default

In /etc/rc.conf, you should have:


You should be able to login to the Linksys admin page:    AFAIK, most of the Linksys home networking
devices use a blank username and password 'admin' by default.

Make sure that the DHCP server is enabled, and restart.

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