Install CD howto and some amd64 issue

Kövesdán Gábor gabor.kovesdan at
Wed Dec 22 08:38:48 PST 2004


I've found a Japanese mirror, where some 5.0-STABLE packages can be found,
and I'd like to build an own install disc, rather than using CVSup. Could
You help me, please, how can I do that?

I've got two reasons for building own install disc:

1, I'm going to administer an amd64 server with a RAID5 array and an MSI
mainboard with nforce 3 250GB chipset, and unfortunately the official
5.3-RELEASE for amd64 doesn't boot on this machine. I don't know whether the
chipset causes this issue or the 3ware 8xxx controller, but the loader stops
at the line starting with root at Of course, I've
written to the freebsd-hardware mailing list, but I haven't got any answers.
I've also written to the 3ware, but the supporter was rather a lame guy, he
haven't even understood, what my problem is. I've written to MSI, but the
result is no answer. Finally, I decided to get a newer kernel somehow, maybe
some kind of current kernel would work. I'd like to give a try to
5.0-CURRENT or 6.0-CURRENT, but in this case I can't use the CVSup, because
the 5.3 kernel is useless on this machine, thus I haven't got anything to
upgrade from.

2, I'd like to install 5.0-STABLE on some machines, and I don't want to
upgrade so many times. An own standalone 5.0-CURRENT install disc would be
much more convenient for me. And in trouble, when I had to reinstall the
system, such a disc would be very useful.

Thanks for Your help.
I wish You a Merry Xmas,

Gabor Kovesdan (from Hungary)

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