Transferring directories over a network

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Tue Dec 21 21:36:27 PST 2004

Easiest way would be to simply turn on NFS and mount the old
server on a directory on the new server, then use tar or
cpio or cp or whatever you want.


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> Subject: Transferring directories over a network
> I hope this isn't too common a question. I couldn't devise a good set of
> keywords to use Google.
> I just received a new machine to replace my ancient server/gateway. I
> decided the best way to go was to install FreeBSD 5.3, and transfer user
> directories and config files using ssh over the intranet. Of course, I
> overlooked the fact that you can't login to root. From the old machine,
> Kepler, I used the command line:
> 'tar cf - /usr/home/onedirectory /usr/home/anotherdirectory | ssh
> myname at russell tar xf -'
> Of course the user 'myname' doesn't have write permission in /usr/home. I
> usually use 'ssh' to login and then 'su -', but I don't see how
> to do that
> in this situation. On my old 4.3 machine a workaround was to login as
> 'toor', but 5.3 doesn't seem to allow that (Good Idea (tm)).
> I'm lucky enough I have room enough on the old hard drive that I can tar
> the directories there, use 'scp' to transfer them to the account
> on the new
> machine, and then go untar them there, but if anyone can suggest a more
> elegant (that is, easier) solution I'd appreciate it because I'm going to
> have to go through the whole exercise again when I move the old
> machine to
> replace an even older and more decrepit box.
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