web calendar recommendation

Nikolas Britton freebsd at nbritton.org
Tue Dec 21 11:13:23 PST 2004

Noah wrote:

>well I am back to the drawing board here.  webcalendar is not very well
>supported, and it does not interface that well with my Palm calendar.  I cant
>appear to upload my calendar to it.
>can somebody please send along their recommendations for a calendar program
>that can support multiple user calendars that can then be shared for
>scheduling purposes?
>Any ideas please?
yea,  try  Kronolith part of the Horde Application Framework.

New features planned for 2:
    * Shared calendar support.
    * Create/import/mail iCalendar invitations, generate free/busy info.
    * Support for guest calendars.
    * Remote iCalendar calendar display support.
    * Palm DateBook (PDB) import support.
    * More flexible alarm notifications (e-mail, etc)."


Like you, I have tried every web based groupware project under the sun, 
this one sucked the least, we have been using it for all are client 
appointments since FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE, and have never had a problem 
with it. When Kronolith 2, Horde 3, and Turba 2 are release I will be 
upgrading to those plus installing other Horde Apps like IMP, Wiki, 
Whups, and others.

For the backend you can use just about anything for storage and 
authentication because it uses the pear abstraction layer of PHP and 
they write clean portable code.

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