OT - Filter for Thunderbird

Erich Dollansky oceanare at pacific.net.sg
Sat Dec 18 23:52:35 PST 2004


Chris wrote:
> Erich Dollansky wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Chris wrote:
>>> Sorry for posting here - but perhaps someone has done this. Is so, reply
>>> please.
>>> I wish to create a filter based on the Subject, in short, I want it to
>>> flag all duplicate emails. Has someone done this?
>> I think the access to the other mails is missing.
>> The main problem will be the time it could take if people have a huge
>> archive with many, many different folders if Firefox keeps only one
>> index per folder.
>> Erich
> No - I think you totally missed the point. I have duplicate mails I
> would love to create a filter to remove. Opposed to going through 1700
> plus mails and removing them by hand.
I do not think so but I see now that my answer was pretty short.

The filter looks always only onto an individual mail. It does not allow 
- at least not as far as I know - to link two mails with each other to 
create a filter.

WIth other words, it is not possible to say "DELETE if SUBJECT == 

> If I failed to articulate that - then it's my fault.



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