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Eric F Crist ecrist at
Sat Dec 18 06:46:55 PST 2004

On Dec 18, 2004, at 12:43 AM, Kevin Smith wrote:

> Thanks for the tips.  For the moment, I'm leaving the OS sources alone 
> and I'm updating the ports collection because my goal is to update 
> gnome to version 2.8.  The OS seems to be fine - although I'm sure 
> there are additional bug fixes I can benefit from - but I'm a little 
> scared to go through the build kernel/world thing right now - 
> especially since everything is running nicely. (I have not had the OS 
> crash in the 2 months since I've installed it - it has run continously 
> -yet my linux 2.6 installation crashed regularly).
> I do have a few additional questions...
> 1) is there a test utility that I can run that will tell me which 
> cvsup mirror server will be fastest ?  I did this the manual way by 
> pinging a few and looking at the ave times coming back.
> 2) If I do update (src-all) using 5.3-RELENG tag is my version still 
> called 5.3-RELEASE ? - or is it now some new release of that (ie like 
> 5.3.1 ?)...I guess my question is:  Are all updates of 5.3-RELEASE 
> source still called 5.3-RELEASE.
> 3) After my cvsup of the ports collection completes updating, is there 
> any easy way to check which ports were updated ?

In answer to your second question, the tag you're probably looking for 
is RELENG_5_3_RELEASE.  This tag will maintain your 5.3 version number, 
but you'll get any bug fixes for that branch and security fixes.  I 
would strongly recommend you use the RELENG_5_3 tag as this will allow 
you to do minor upgrades (from 5.3 to 5.3.1, for example).  This will 
give you the best option, as you remain in the 5.3 branch, but you 
benefit from all the available improvements and bug fixes.

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