combining 2 ADSL Lines

Andrew P. infofarmer at
Sat Dec 18 04:19:37 PST 2004

Hexren wrote:
> I have the following problem, I have 2 ADSl Lines and would like to
> combine those 2 into 1 big. I have full control of both the gateway
> from my LAN and another Server in the internet which I coud use as a
> second gateway.
> What I am thinking of is something like virtualizing so that in the
> end I have VirtualInterface1 which is DSL1 and DSL2.
> p.s. Multilink PPP is unfortunately not an option as the lines are
> rented from different providers (I think that is prohibiting multilink
> isn't it ?) :(

Sure you can combine two lines for bandwidth boost and redundancy. 
Ports/net/mpd is probably the best choice considering you have FreeBSD 
installed on both gateways. Get familiar with this port, its 
configuration is not so difficult. You could even encrypt and/or 
compress both links to gain even more speed and security (if the 
external server is on a fast, secure line and has a fast CPU). You 
should probably sign up with mpd-users mailing list at

Good luck!

Best wishes,
Andrew P.

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