cvsup newbie questions

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at
Sat Dec 18 01:21:35 PST 2004

Kevin Smith wrote:

> 1) is there a test utility that I can run that will tell me which cvsup 
> mirror server will be fastest ?  I did this the manual way by pinging a 
> few and looking at the ave times coming back.

There's a port out there called fastest_cvsup which is supposed to do 
exactly that. Personally I've never used it so I can't give any further 

> 2) If I do update (src-all) using 5.3-RELENG tag is my version still 
> called 5.3-RELEASE ? - or is it now some new release of that (ie like 
> 5.3.1 ?)...I guess my question is:  Are all updates of 5.3-RELEASE 
> source still called 5.3-RELEASE.

If you use RELENG_5_3 tag, you'll get 5.3-RELEASE-pN where N is a number 
  which increases with every security update. Right now you would get 

If you use RELENG_5, you'll get 5.N-STABLE, where N is a number which 
increases after every release from the RELENG_5 branch. Right now you 
would get 5.3-STABLE.

> 3) After my cvsup of the ports collection completes updating, is there 
> any easy way to check which ports were updated ?

Using portupgrade you can check which of the ports you have installed 
were updated. But again, since I personally don't use portupgrade, I 
can't give you any furhter details on that. There should be more than 
you want to know about it in the list archives.

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