Problems with compat3x libraries.

Mike Meyer mwm at
Thu Dec 16 17:39:35 PST 2004

Two problems, actually. Since these appear to be compressed shared
object files, there's not much I can do to "fix" them. So I'm hoping
someone here can enlighten me on how to deal with my issues, or point
me at someone who can help.

1) libm doesn't exist in compat3x. I actually worked around this by
installing compat4x, as the version from it seems to work.

2) getpwuid_r seems to no longer be in libc. In any case, the
application in question worked fine with 3.x emulation on 4.x, but now
complains about missing getpwuid_r on 5.3.

Mike Meyer <mwm at>
Independent Network/Unix/Perforce consultant, email for more information.

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