sftp and shell access

Simon Barner barner at gmx.de
Thu Dec 16 13:43:38 PST 2004

Josh Paetzel wrote:
> I am looking for a way to give a user an sftp account without giving 
> them a shell.  So far I've tried setting their shell 
> to /sbin/nologin, but when they try to log in via sftp it gives them 
> a "message to long" error.
> Any pointers would be appreciated...I've tried the FAQ, handbook and 
> google so far.


I am using ports/shells/scponly for this purpose. It even comes with a
neat little script 'setup_chroot.sh' which automagically sets up a
chroot cage for your scp/sftp user (it will also create the user

Have a look at the beginning of the port's Makefile for a list of
available options.

The only thing I couldn't get to work (I was in a hurry then) was
authentication with ssh-keys. If you get this one running, please be
so kind and drop me a line.

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