Wheel Mouse in 5.3 STABLE

Ronnie Clark ronj_clark at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 16 08:07:28 PST 2004


Thanks for the responses. I hope this will help:

Currently I have this in my xorg.conf.new file:

Section "InputDevice"
        Identifier  "Mouse0"
        Driver      "mouse"
        Option      "Protocol" "auto"
        Option      "Device" "/dev/sysmouse"
        Option      "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

I start Xorg by using the "startx" method, and it
starts KDE just fine. When I try to start xorg by
typing "Xorg", KDE does not start. 

Back to the conf file, I have tried to define
"Options"     "Buttons" "5"  (did not work)
"Options"     "ZAxisMapping" "Y" (from a previous
thread, also did not work)

So, does it matter where my xorg.conf.new file is at?
Mine is in the /root directory, which is where it was
originally configured. Is there another conf file I
need to edit? again, I'm stuck on this one. 

If this is not enough about the problem, please feel
free to ask me questions, as I would love to solve
this today.

Thanks again,
Ron Clark

--- Phil Schulz <ph.schulz at gmx.de> wrote:

> Ronnie Clark wrote:
> > I have successfully loaded 5.3 and cvsuped to
> > Since loading Xorg, I have been trying to use my
> wheel
> > on my mouse. I have edited the xorg conf file that
> I
> > created and followed the hand book and even some
> > threads from this list. 
> > 
> > Can someone please point me in the right direction
> for
> > this? I'm going nuts! (Short trip by the way)
> > 
> since you don't give much information about the
> problem, e.g. what 
> errors you're seeing, it's hard to say for sure
> what's wrong... but i'll 
> try anyways.
> i have this in my config file
> Section "InputDevice"
>          Identifier  "Mouse0"
>          Driver      "mouse"
>          Option      "Protocol" "Auto"
>          Option      "Device" "/dev/sysmouse"
>          Option      "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
> EndSection
> the mouse is detected as
> ums0: Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse, rev 1.10/0.00,
> addr 2, iclass 3/1
> ums0: 3 buttons and Z dir.
> and don't forget a line like
> usbd_enable="YES"
> in /etc/rc.conf -- and it works.
> hth,
> phil.

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