Postgresql extra functions

Vittorio v.demartino2 at
Thu Dec 16 04:16:52 PST 2004

On a pentium 3 box I compiled and
installed /usr/ports/databases/postgresql 7.4.5 under FreeBSD 5.3.

Now I've been trying to set up the contrib/tablefunc stuff to use some
interesting functions in it (like crosstab), but there's something
I mean that I've issued a "psql mydb < tablefunc.sql" but psql
 complains that all the functions like crosstab, crosstab3, etc do not
 exist, while, according to the docs, they **must exist before issuing
 the psql command mentioned above (I thought that they were already
 compiled somewhere but it isn't true!). I have tried to go under the
contrib/tablefunc directory the port and compile it as sugested in the
docs to no avail. It simply doesn't work.
Besides, I've just asked to the postgresql mailing to no avail either
above all because this supplementary installation is OS distro specific
(under a debian linux installation it all run smoothly!).

Please help



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