ALT key on console25?

Lars Eighner eighner at
Thu Dec 16 03:22:58 PST 2004

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, John Conover wrote:

> Doing the following:
>    mymachine# egrep 014 /usr/share/syscons/keymaps/us.iso.kbd
>      014   bs     bs     del    del    bs     bs     del    del     O
>    mymachine# kbdcontrol -l /usr/share/syscons/keymaps/us.iso.kbd
> should set the backspace and shift backspace key sequence to rub out
> the character before the cursor on the command line, (it does,) and
> ctrl-backspace to delete the character under the cursor; it doesn't.
> The problem is that del = bs, so if /etc/defaults/rc.conf has:
>    keymap="us.iso.kbd"
> then scan code 103, (the Delete key on a US 104 key keyboard,) will be
> a backspace key, and there will be no Delete key.
> Note that if:
>    keymap="NO"
> the backspace and Delete keys work as they should. But if a keymap is
> specified, (say, perhaps to map the Alt keys,) then you can't have a
> Delete key.
> How do you work around del = bs in the keymaps?

The ANSI code for the stand-alone (not keypad) delete key is
ESC-[-E.  You should get that with fkey61.  "del" should give
you ^?  If the cons is sending those, it is an application
problem (including the shells as applications).  Most uniod
applications need some individual adjustment to get them to
handle a proper delete properly.

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