Gnome without the stuff?

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Wed Dec 15 15:28:24 PST 2004

Robert William Vesterman wrote:

> I installed the Gnome2 port, and it installed a whole lot of stuff that
> I wasn't expecting, including stuff that I don't know what it is, and
> also stuff that I never intend to use.
> Is there a way to install just a "basic" Gnome, without all the stuff?
> That is, the default applications of various types? If I want Evolution,
> or Epiphany, or games, or blah blah blah, I would like to just install
> that specific thing myself when I decide that I want it.  But if I want
> to use Firefox, I'm not interested in having Epiphany installed.
> Thanks,
> Bob Vesterman. 

There is a Gnome2-lite (/usr/ports/x11/Gnome2-lite)
I'm not sure what it contains, might be worth
looking into.

I *think* that there are also switches for the build
process to determine some of the "sub parts" of the
build.  It's possible that looking at the Makefile
would shed some light.  Don't forget that there
is a good bit of resource at,
including a FAQ (maybe you've already checked).

I've often thought that Xfce4 might be a suitable
replacement for the WM itself (without a "whole
lot of stuff"), but that is just my opinion.


Kevin Kinsey

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