Xorg and mouse....

Bomgardner,Jon JBOMGARD at stpaultravelers.com
Tue Dec 14 08:56:40 PST 2004

Hello All! 

Well, I was finally able to get Xorg up and running at full screen
however, I seem to have this peculiar problem. While I can move my mouse
around in the window, I cannot use any of the mouse buttons. Now, I have
not set up a Window Manager yet (will be setting up KDE as soon as I can
get things straightened out) but I thought I'd at least get a
right-click context menu in Xorg.  Would this be correct? And if so, how
would I go about troubleshooting this?  I have no way to remotely
connect to the computer so any suggestions involving that probably won't

Anyway, after the success I've had with answers from the group so far, I
expect it won't take long to lick this problem as well...

Thanks in advance for the help,
Jon Bomgardner

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