FreeBSD 5.3; hoto migrate from i386 to amd64 mode

Meyendriesch, Burkard Burkard.Meyendriesch at
Mon Dec 13 04:21:32 PST 2004

hello folks,

on my Athlon64 based box I installed 5-CURRENT about a year ago. Because at that time amd64 mode didn't work very well with a lot of ports I installed FreeBSD in i386 mode. Meanwhile I followed the release path to 5.3.Everything works very fine.

Now I want to use the full power of my 64 bit CPU. I cross compiled the kernel to amd64 mode (cd /usr/src; make kernel TARGET=amd64 TARGET_ARCH=amd64 KERNCONF=REINEKE64) and tried to reboot the machine with the new kernel. The kernel himself seems to work but when he tries to mount the root filesystem the system hangs. I think something in my migration is wrong.

Can someone please tell me the correct procedure to get my system work in amd64 mode without complete re-installation.

Thanks a lot

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