shell script, rc, and starting a server process at boot time

Lucas Holt luke at
Sun Dec 12 18:43:14 PST 2004

This one has me a bit puzzled.  I just setup a freebsd 4.10 release 
install for use as a gaming server.  I want to run Enemy Territory on 

I created a script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/  that contains the following:

cd "/compat/linux/usr/games/et"
./etded.x86 \+set ttycon 0 +exec server.cfg  > /dev/null 2>&1
exit \

The problem is that this script will hang up the autoboot rc processes. 
  In order for the game to work, stderr and stdout need to be 
redirected.  As far as i know, i got that part working and directing 
the /dev/null  I think the problem is with keyboard input.  I haven't 
figured out a way to redirect stdin to /dev/null or something similar.  
I suspect thats what is holding up autoboot.  I'm certainly no expert 
at shell scripting.  is there a way to redirect stdin, stderr, and 
stdout so that the game will load automatically?  Preferably I'd like 
to alter this so i don't have to start the extra  /bin/sh process, but 
i really don't care if it has to be there to get the game to run.

Thanks in advance.

Lucas Holt
Luke at
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