Typo in: cache-update (portindex) - hangs(?)

Christopher Illies christopher.illies at molmed.ki.se
Sat Dec 11 04:27:50 PST 2004

> > 
> > The problem I have is now that cache-init seems to >hang:  

Sorry, this was a typo: I meant cache-update, not cache-init.

> It took a couple of hours for cache-init to complete on my
> K-6/2 450 / 128MB machine at home.  You may just want 
> to give it some time.

Thanks for your reply and sorry for the typo. Yes cache-init also took
a couple of hours on my computer, but when it finished i got the command-promt
back. But I am having problems with cache-update. I include the last
paragraphs of my original post with the typo corrected:

for upating the portstree I do:
# cvsup -g -L 2 ports-supfile
# cache-update
# portindex -o /usr/ports/INDEX-5 (I am using 5-stable)
# portsdb -u (I am also using portupgrade)
# portupgrade -arR (or whatever)

The problem I have is now that cache-update seems to hang: When I start
it there is activity for some seconds (as seen in top), but no output
at all, then silence, but the command promt does not come back. From a
different terminal I get this (not wrapped):

~%ps aux | grep cache-update
root    58657  6.3  2.6  8052 6684  p1  I+    9:50AM   0:08.27
cache-update (perl)

Since cache-update seems to be idle I used to ctrl-C cache-update and 
then proceed, so far without getting into trouble. Is this expected 
behaviour or am I doing something wrong here?


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