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> Hi,
> Well, actuallly, after i make a port upgrade with cvsup, i go to
> /usr/ports (there's) a Makefile there, and do a "make install".
> That Makefile enters an endless loop asking for libtool 1.8 (i think
> this is the version), that it's not in the ports.
> BTW, what's the difference in using cvsup or portupdate to update the
> ports ?
> This is so confusing, and i already read a lot about it.
> Mybe i'm simply dumb, but i'm a Linux system's administrator for years
> (i remember walking with Slackware in a pack of floppies, LOL :) )
> Regards.
> Mário Gamito

Cvsup basically updates your port tree. By update I mean it updates the
makefiles, Although it does not touch the already installed port binaries.
When you run portupgrade, it parses through the makefiles of the already
installed ports, check for dependencies and updates the port binaries if


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