Wildcard syntax in newsyslog.conf

Gerard Samuel fbsd-questions at trini0.org
Fri Dec 10 09:07:41 PST 2004

Paul Schmehl wrote:

> --On Friday, December 10, 2004 09:03:47 AM -0500 Gerard Samuel 
> <fbsd-questions at trini0.org> wrote:
>> Is it possible to use wildcards in newsyslog.conf?
>> For example, my current apache setup, I have a few virtual hosts
>> logging into their own file.
>> And instead of specifying each file in newsyslog.conf, Im trying ->
>> /var/log/httpd-*.log    root:wheel      640  1     *    @T00  B
>> /var/run/httpd.run
> man newsyslog(8)
> G       indicates that the specified logfile_name is a shell pattern, 
> and that newsyslog should archive all filenames matching that pattern, 
> using the other options specified on this line.  See glob(3) for 
> details on syntax and matching rules.
> The short answer is yes, *if* you use the "G" flag. 

Thanks.  The "G" flag made it work.
That should have clicked with me, with christias at gmail.com suggestion.

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