nvidia drivers on ASUS A8X-Deluxe in 32-bit mode (5.2.1-RELEASE) / 5.3-RELEASE crash

Gautham Ganapathy gauthamglist at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 07:17:01 PST 2004


Has anyone been able to get the nvidia display drivers (6113) to work
on the ASUS A8V-Deluxe motherboard (K8T800-Pro chipset) in 32-bit mode
(5.2.1-RELEASE)? I have tried nvidia's internal GART support as well
as freebsd's, but the system hangs on starting X and requires a hard
reset. I also found a couple of postings on the net with similar

Is this only for this chipset or are other amd64 chipsets affected also?

Also, the keyboard does not seem to work on 5.3-RELEASE (i386 and
amd64). the installation goes through fine, but when the system
restarts, the keyboard does not respond, although it is powered up
(LEDs work). How can I fix this?


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