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Thu Dec 9 10:50:29 PST 2004

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Subject: Re: Find & Replace string

> In a website of 1.GB+ with several hundred thousand files, I need to
> interrogate all files to replace a single string like "oldone.010"
> "newone.011"
> What's the best way to do this?
> Thanks in advance!
> Best regards,
> Jack L. Stone

Are you talking about changing the name of the file itself, or a string
within the file?  If it's the former then a shell for loop work.  Maybe
something like:

$ for file in $(find /somedir -name "*.010"); \
 do mv $file $(echo $file | sed -e 's/oldone/newone'); \

If the latter, then using perl, perhaps with the -e -i switches, might
work well.  man perlrun(1) for some tips.



No, I want to interrogate several hundred thousand files throughout
several thousand directories to find/replace a single string within each
file found. The string may appear more than once in a file.

Thanks for the reply....

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