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Florian Hengstberger e0025265 at
Thu Dec 9 04:32:38 PST 2004

I need help concerning free-bsd literature:

Two books seem to be interesting ("the complete freebsd", 
"absolute bsd") but although I had a look at both I'm not quite 
sure which one to buy.
What I want is a deep bsd-specific guide covering mostly freebsd related topic
such as the kernel, system administration and of
course as much networking as possible.
I want to avoid paying for a 100-pages introduction to c-shell or
bash (with wich I'm now familiar with) or a man-page like overview
of the basic unix commands (ls and cd are under control now!).
So which one of the two books would you recommend.
If both are ok: what's the difference?

Thanks a lot

Linux/BSD: The daemons are not longer just in my head!
Florian Hengstberger
e0025265 at

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