Question about updating 5.3

sp0ng3b0b sp0ng3b0b at
Wed Dec 8 16:30:58 PST 2004

There seem to be a LOT of great articles about how to update a freebsd 
system. But they all seem to recommend a different approach. I am 
looking for a simple way to keep the OS up to date.

Background info: I am going to be running a few FreeBSD production 
servers. I need to document everything first.

I have a cvsup file that looks like this:
*default base=/usr
*default prefix=/usr
*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_5_3
*default delete use-rel-suffix
*default compress

I would update FreeBSD like this:
# make buildworld
# make buildkernel
# make installkernel
# reboot
boot in single user mode
# mergemaster -p
# make installworld
# mergemaster
# reboot

However, I recently read about "make update". Should I be using this 
instead? Any advice is appreciated.

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