"Designed for FreeBSD" stickers

Brett Glass brett at lariat.org
Tue Dec 7 18:50:55 PST 2004

I'd put those badges on all the servers I configured if they weren't
2 bucks a pop! I'd be willing to pay a quarter, or at most 50 cents,
but $2 seems excessive.


At 09:03 AM 12/7/2004, Rod Person wrote:
>On Tuesday 07 December 2004 8:20 pm, Haulmark, Chris wrote:
>> We show our potential clients to our production server rooms whenever they
>> request for it.  They always ask what those (freebsd) servers are running
>> because there are no logo stickers.  I ended up sticking a white label with
>> black arial font "FreeBSD."  Is this what FreeBSD systems deserve?
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