FreeBSD PowerPC Porting

bedhead bedhead at
Mon Dec 6 16:03:06 PST 2004

   Have you approached Apple for the source code they use in OSX?
   I thought open source meant that you could use the code but any
   changes / modifications had to be made available to the originator and
   the community under terms of most open source licenses.
   I would class the entire port that Apple did as a huge change.
   I am not a UN*X user, nor do I understand most of UN*X, although my
   reasons for visiting your site and for making the above suggestion are
   as follows:
   1.   Whilst I am currently using a Dell PC with Windows XP, it was the
   cheap way to get myself back onto the Internet following the demise of
   my, old, but very much loved Apple Mac.  I am still a Mac user and
   wish to return to the platform soon.
   2.   There is a lot of buzz about Linux but to me, just the image that
   UN*X has sells it every time [OSX was great, I did not access the
   underlying UN*X but felt a warm glow knowing it was there :-)] save to
   say the years head start, the power and everything the goes with.
   3.   I love open source, I think it is a great concept and quite a lot
   of the best technologies out there are open - MySQL, Apache, some UN*X
   (stuff SCO and their Microsoft backers) and also a great deal of good
   freeware is developed open source (Shareaza is by far the best P2P
   client on Windows, powerful, intuitive, clean looking, free, spyware
   and ad free and open).
   4.   Most of All - I think that the development of PPC FreeBSD code by
   the originators of the code would keep the PPC code centralised, up to
   date with other ports and most of all, help Apple (if they are then
   willing to use your code base).
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