FreeBSD or OpenBSD

Damien Hull dhull at
Sun Dec 5 13:47:12 PST 2004

I've been a FreeBSD user for a while now and I love it. I'm running 4.10
and plan on upgrading soon. I'm also an OpenBSD user but I tend to use
it for firewalls and routers. I setup Apache and Subversion on OpenBSD
3.6 last week. This is the first time I have ever done anything other
then a firewall on OpenBSD. 

I'm thinking about using OpenBSD on more servers. Before I do that I
would like to know what people on the list think. 

Why I want to switch to OpenBSD.
1. OpenBSD has good security
2. Stable
3. Firewall and routing support is built in

Why I use FreeBSD
1. Stable
2. Ports tree has a lot of software
3. I can upgrade to new versions 

Should I make the switch from FreeBSD to OpenBSD for my servers?
Damien Hull <dhull at>

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