FreeBSD ?.?.? (UNKNOWN) -> version after upgrading

Marta Resende martarese at
Sat Dec 4 07:45:05 PST 2004

Hey i was using RC1 version of freebsd, and today i upgrade fallowing these 

#cd /usr/src
#make buildworld
#make buildkernel KERNCONF=MINE
#make installkernel KERNCONF=MINE
(press 4 for single-user mode)
#fsck -p
#mount -u /
#mount -a
#cd /usr/src
#mergemaster -p
#make installworld

, and during mergemaster it shows me the opttion to change FreeBSD 5.3-RC1 
for FreeBSD ?.?.? (UNKNOWN), although i think that freebsd change that will 
rebooting, but when i enter my username and posswd:

FreeBSD ?.?.? (UNKNOWN)

Welcome to FreeBSD!

these appears, is these normal ??

PS: updating -stable (tag=RELENG_5)

thank u

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