can't mount windows partition

Thomas Lippert tlippert362 at
Fri Dec 3 13:51:54 PST 2004

Kevin Smith wrote:
> Rizal Ferdiyan wrote:
>> hello ;
>> my name rizal from indonesia, I have a problem. My partition windows
>> (FAT
>> 32) can't mount
>> in freebsd. My partition in /dev/ad0s1 and /dev/ad0s2. I have been try
>> write"mount -t msdosfs /dev/ad0s1(ad0s2) /mnt/win1(ad0s1) and
>> mount_msdosfs /node " but it don't work. Please help me and sorry for my
>> bad english.


> /dev/ad0s1 /windows/C ntfs ro 2 0
> /dev/ad0s3 /windows/E msdosfs rw 0 0
> (You don't need the "2", it can be "0")
For fat it can be 2 or 0 for NTFS though i believe a 2 can result in
difficulty restarting automatically after a panic.
> You need to create the directories for the mount points (/windows/C and 
> /windows/E). The partition in /dev/ad0s3 is my FAT32 partition which is 
> the writable one - you don't want the ntfs filesystem to be 
> writable.....if you want the FAT32 (msdosfs) parition to be writeable, 
> then /windows/E must be a writable mount directory. You of course, 
> should use your own device (/dev/ad0s*) names as they are going to be 
> different from mine.
> Once you have these in your /etc/fstab they will automatically mount on 
> boot (as configured this way). If you don't want to reboot after editing 
> the file, you can always just do a :
>  > mount /windows/E
> To manually mount...or
>  > umount /windows/E to umount it.
> The configuration I have just described is how I wanted to set it up on 
> my system, but others may have different opinions/setups.
> Good luck.
> -Kevin


The english seems fine to me for examples of what you really don't want
to go here. That being said i personally wouldn't have even noticed the 
little flub there so it wasn't an issue. Thanks though for saying 
something anyway. At anyrate if you haven't seen this page before it 
will give some idea of why language fluency is not that big a deal.
and helpful tips for not incurring the wrath of the BSD gods. ;-)


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