FreeBSD 5.3 Questions

Jerry Gardner jg2 at
Thu Dec 2 16:14:02 PST 2004

I just loaded FreeBSD 5.3 a few days ago, and generally things are running
well, with a few exceptions:

1) How do I stop the Sendmail daemons from starting at boot? I have 
   sendmail_enable="NO" set in /etc/rc.conf, but two sendmail processes
   are running after boot.

2) How do I set GCC flags when compiling a port. I added 
   CFLAGS="-O2 -march=pentium3 -pipe" to /etc/make.conf, but
   get an error when building a port. The error is get is
   "env: -pipe No such file or directory"

3) I think I might have a permissions problem in my home directory.
   Certain applications (Firefox and xfce, for exacmple) can't seem to
   write files under my home directory. I can create files using an editor,
   and download files, but these two applications fail when trying to
   modify their configuration options.

4) I installed portupgrade from the port, and built the database using 
   'pkgdb -f', but whenever I run portupgrade or portversion, it displays
   a message "Generating INDEX.tmp - please wait.." and hangs there
   forever. How do I fix this?

- Jerry

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