switching ide disk, change disklabel?

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at internode.on.net
Thu Dec 2 04:25:09 PST 2004

On Thu, 2 Dec 2004 06:38 pm, Alex Teslik wrote:
> Hello,
>    I am adding a new disk to the system to make my /home partition bigger.
> Currently I have /home on ad0s1e. I will be adding ad1s1e. After I copy all
> the data from ad0 to ad1 I want to remove ad0 and make ad1 the master on
> that controller. Will I need to change the disklabel of ad1 to ad0 at that
> point, or will FreeBSD automagically know what to do?

If you mean to move the disk containing ads1s1e from primary slave to the 
primary master then the partition will automatically become ad0s1e.

But how are the other partitions in your system organised? Are you currently 
using ad0s1a, ad0s1b etc.? These will move with the disk. If you are physically 
swapping the disk connections these will become ad1s1a, ad1s1b etc. which will
be a problem. You'll need to fix /etc/fstab and arrange for a booting MBR on 
the new disk and arrange for the boot sequence to find your / partition.


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