How can I start a programm after installation??

Brian Bobowski bbobowski at
Wed Dec 1 20:41:15 PST 2004

Laszlo Antal wrote:

> Hi,
> I have FreeBSD 4.10 with KDE.
> I installed Gimp from /usr/ports/graphics/.
> I typed make prefix=/usr/local/gimp
> It took a while and dowloaded a lot of other programms and installed 
> them.
> After that I typed
> make prefix=/usr/local/gimp install
> Again everything looked good no warning or error.
> But /usr/local/gimp is empty !!
> In /usr/ports/graphics/gimp there is now a folder called work and in 
> that folder gimp2.0.6 folder.
> Do I need to run ./configure from that folder
> And make and than make install ???
> I could not find any file to start the programm.
> Thank you for all the help
> Laszlo
> --lantal
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Try bringing up a command line with ALT-F2 in KDE and running "gimp"?

Generally speaking, .sh shell scripts aren't called to run installed 
programs. Instead, a link is tossed into /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin 
which points to(or, for a hard link, references the exact same data as) 
the installed program executable, wherever that may be. There are of 
course exceptions, but I very, very rarely need to call a .sh to get 
done what I need.

The work directory in /usr/ports/graphics/gimp2.0.6 is the working 
directory for the compile process. In graphics/gimp2.0.6 you may as well 
"make clean" to reclaim the space if you can get the installed program 
working. (If not, then don't do the make clean quite yet - you may need 
to, you might not, to fix the problem. And if you don't, then 
recompiling would be a waste of time.)


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