moregroupware not working because of PHP

Kevin D. Kinsey, DaleCo, S.P. kdk at
Wed Dec 1 15:42:37 PST 2004

Justin L. Boss wrote:

>Ya, I seen something about the in my research. But doesn't it need to be 
>enabled? If not how can I pass the option to configure when using the ports 
>On Wednesday 01 December 2004 03:43 pm, csnyder wrote:
>>>From the PHP manual:
>>"Session support is enabled in PHP by default. If you would not like
>>to build your PHP with session support, you should specify the
>>--disable-session  option to configure."
>>Sounds like a config-time problem rather than something missing from
>>your php.ini.

Sorry to give an "RTFM" answer, but you've apparently been
out of the loop since July....

  AFFECTS: users of PHP
  AUTHOR: ale at
  The old lang/php4 and lang/php5 ports have been splitted into 'base' PHP,
  PEAR, and shared extensions to allow more flexibility and add new 
  Upgrading your current PHP installation will result in a 'base' PHP
  installation (no PEAR and no extensions).
  PEAR can be found in the new devel/php4-pear and devel/php5-pear 
ports, while
  the set of PHP extensions to install can be choosen via the meta-ports
  lang/php4-extensions and lang/php5-extensions, or installing singular 
  extensions individually.
  If you have a previous php.ini configuration file, be sure to comment out
  the extension_dir parameter, since the correct path is statically compiled
  into the PHP binary.
  For an overview of the modules used with the old PHP binary, use
  the command "php -m".

# cd /usr/ports/lang/php4-extensions    [or php5-extensions]
# make install clean

Should take care of it.

Kevin Kinsey

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