Problem with building ngircd from the ports

Martin Hasenbein list-freebsd at
Tue Aug 31 15:03:14 PDT 2004

Hi everybody,

I just installed ngircd and it really runs fine. Just as I like it :-)
But I ran into some trouble, when I tried to activate IDENT. My system
is a FreeBSD 4.10. If I try to install from the port or from source,
I get the following error (right now from port):

$ make -DWITH_IDENT install clean


checking for ident_id in -lident... no
checking for ident_id... no
configure: error: Can't enable IDENT support!
===>  Script "configure" failed unexpectedly.

Any ideas, why this happens? I already googled, but with no success.

Thank you.


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