Logging router errors using syslog

Mark Ovens marko at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 26 06:29:03 PDT 2004

Martin Hasenbein wrote:

> On 26 Aug 2004 (13:55:35) [1093521335], Mark Ovens wrote:
> Hi Mark,
>> The router has been set up to log to the local2 facility and I've added 
>> these lines to the end of /etc/syslog.conf:
>> !*
>> +P650R-31
>> local2		/var/log/router/zyxel
>> Can anyuone suggest why this is not working?
> how did you start syslogd? If it was started from /etc/rc.conf
> without modifying the flags for syslogd, it won't work.
> The default-flag for syslogd is
>     syslogd_flags="-s"
>>From the man-page:
>      -s      Operate in secure mode.  Do not log messages from remote
>              machines.  If specified twice, no network socket will be opened
>              at all, which also disables logging to remote machines.
> You have to disable this option and restart syslogd.

Thanks, yes, I was. I've changed it and restarted without ''-s'' but it 
still doesn't appear to be logging anything - I configured the router to 
log everything so the file should grow quite quickly.

Do you have any other idea(s)?



> Ciao,
>  -Martin.

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