RealTek 8139 config problems

Chris Staskewicz cjs at
Sat Aug 21 00:10:34 PDT 2004

I've searched the mailing archives for this problem (yeah, yeah, I know
these cards stink, but I'm going for gold anyway).  I have 2 of these at
rl0 and rl1.  The rl0 correctly auto dectects to "100baseTX full-duplex",
however, the one at rl1 dectects to "10baseT/UPT".

Thus, I use "ifconfig" to set rl1 to "100baseTX full-duplex" and all is
well.  However!!! if I then set the inet address to say (or
whatever), the card no longer transmits data (the LED light on the back of
the card even goes out).  Also, the LED light on the HUB corresponding to
this card starts blinking rapidly.

Any help?

Thank you very much,


 Chris Staskewicz

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