apsfilter and Epson Stylus C63 on Current

edwinculp edwinculp at prodigy.net.mx
Fri Aug 20 13:51:51 PDT 2004

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De: "Andrew L. Gould" <algould at datawok.com>
Fecha: Viernes, Agosto 20, 2004 1:03 pm
Asunto: Re: apsfilter and Epson Stylus C63 on Current

> On Friday 20 August 2004 12:47 pm, edwinculp wrote:
> > Malcolm, I want to thank both you and  "Andrew L.
> > Gould" <algould at datawok.com> for the link to
> > linuxprint.  I can now print very well with gimp
> > but still haven't been able to get it working with
> > lpd.  I can configure it in cups but it does
> > nothing.  Apsfilter doesn't know it exists even
> > though I just recompiled the latest ghostscript
> > with the 4.1.7 version of gimp-print.  Thanks to
> > you I'm getting closer :)
> >
> > ed
> Were you able to print a test page when you configured apsfilter 
> with 
> the gimp-print driver?

I don't know how to install the latest (4.1.7) gimp-print drivers with the current apsfilter so I haven't used it for printing.

> Are you sure lpd is running?

I can set up a local printer an print text perfectly and print from gimp with the correct driver configuration but that doesn't help me with postscript (web pages etc.)

> Exactly how are you trying to print with lpd that is not working?

Cups.  Cups allows me to configure the printer but the  printcap looks something like:

gimp|Epson EPSON Stylus C63:rm=local2.local.net:rp=gimp:

I have no idea how it actually works.  The cups configuration shows /dev/lpt0 as the device but nothing gets to the spooler or the printer.

I've always used apsfilter and it has just worked with a minimum of muss and fuss.  I sure hope Andres is going to keep it updated because if not I for one am really going to miss it.

Thanks again for your help,

> Andrew Gould

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