dealing with deffective RAM

Laurentiu Pancescu plaur_27 at
Thu Aug 19 22:47:26 PDT 2004

I've tested the entire week, with some weird results. 
No errors are found inside any of the two modules,
when I test them separately (in slot one).  When I
have both modules, I get a few hundreds errors.  I've
cleaned the slots and the contacts, but no change. 
The funny thing is that all the errors seem located in
the 0-128M range, even if I swap the position of the
two modules.  I've tested multiple times, for up to 16
hours at a time, and the results are consistent: no
errors with a single module, a lot of them with both
inserted, no matter which is the order of the modules
(original, or swapped).  I assume it's the fault of
the motherboard, not of the memory modules.

Thanks eveybody for the answers - I think I should get
a new motherboard and processor.


 --- Gary Kline <kline at> schrieb: 

> 	If you're as cheap/thrify as many of us, 
> 	it may seem worth the effort to test.  
> 	But it's pretty likely that if one of 
> 	your 128 sticks is one, the other one 
> 	will soon follow.  Nutshell, Kris is right.
> 	If your time is utterly free, go ahead.
> 	I've learned that it pays to bite the bullet
> 	and buy new and top-rated memory.  I'd go
> 	for a 256MB stick if/when you want to upgrade.
> 	(sign me "been-there") || gary


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