Courier-IMAP Version?

Matt LaPlante laplam at
Wed Aug 18 12:07:53 PDT 2004

I've been working on an old FreeBSD mail server that was configured by a
previous sysadmin.  I've attempted to update the Courier-IMAP software, but
I can't figure out how to verify the installation.  The system was very
poorly documented, and I want to be sure the server is actually running the
newest version.  It's happened to me once or twice before where software was
installed to an un-standard location, or binaries/configs weren't properly
updated, so the previous software was actually running instead of the new
software.  Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to determine the running
version of Courier-IMAP.  Most apps just have a command line -version option
or will tell you the version if you query them.  How can I make sure the
IMAP server that's running is the latest version?  Thanks.




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